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Birke | Leykam | Panasenko
»Bewitched Revelations«
Feb 2006 · 13 Tracks · 58:04 Min.

CD FMA 0615
UPC 684461006155

Entstanden aus der Magie des Au­gen­blicks: »BE­WITCHED RE­VE­LAT­IONS« stellt den Nach­fol­ger des 2002 bei FMA er­schie­nen­en Al­bums "Act on Imp­ulse" dar, das sei­ner­zeit bei Hö­rern und Fach­pres­se po­si­ti­ve Re­so­nan­zen er­hielt. Die deutsch/ame­ri­ka­nische Zu­sam­men­ar­beit aus dem Be­reich "my­stic am­bient/in­du­stri­al sound-sculp­tures" ist be­stens ge­eig­net für fas­zi­nie­ren­de, sub­ti­le Sound­trips ab­seits der Hek­tik des All­tags (Kopf­hö­rer an­te­sten!).

1.floating (5.54), 2.the harbor (14.51), 3.waste land (9.22), 4.sirrah (7.30), 5.drifting ice (6.51), 6.shallows (10.55);

Recorded and mixed between 1999-2004 in the stu­dio of Mark, Birke, Leykam and Pana­senko
Pre-Mastered in the studio of Frank Mark, assi­sted by Roman Leykam and also
Pre-Mastered in the studio of Martin Birke in-Code Mu­sic by Martin Birke
Final Mastering in the studio of Jakob Frank­en­sen by Jakob Frank­en­sen, assi­sted by Roman Leykam
Photos by Roman Leykam
Portrait-Photo of Daniel Pana­senko by Dan Hilbert
Artworks by Frank Mark and Roman Leykam.
Produced and performed by Roman Leykam, Martin Birke, Frank Mark and Daniel Pana­senko

Martin Birke (electronic perc, drum pro­gram­ming and se­quen­cing, key­board, synths, thwacko­leum*)
Roman Leykam (guitars, guitar synths, guitar treat­ments)
Daniel Panasenko (hand drums, guitar, loops, ashbory bass, chap­man stick, thwacko­leum*)
Frank Mark (midi trumpet, voice samples, radio voices)
*thwackoleum: Eigenkonstruktion

Roman Leykam Biographie

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-   Roman Leykam im Musikmagazin InMusic

... ein Meisterwerk in Sachen ambienter Soundscapes mit hyp­noti­scher Sog­wirkung. (INMUSIC 6/06)

... ein abgedrehter Trip ins Ungewisse. (GITARRE&BASS 4/06)

... ein prächtiges düsteres Nacht­schat­ten­ge­wächs, pro­ben­frei ent­stan­den aus den Im­pro­vi­sa­tio­nen der Sound­tüftler. (ZEITGEIST 6/06)

... für Risiken und Nebenwirkungen fragen Sie bitte Ih­ren Neu­ro­chi­rur­gen. (KEYS 5/06)

... es zollt den Intuitionen von Fripp, Eno und Las­well An­e­rken­nung in ihrer kre­ati­ven Stu­dio­ar­beit. (CHAINDLK.COM 5/06)

... für den audiophilen Gourmet, der das Be­son­dere liebt. (MUSIKANSICH.DE 4/06)

... Musik aus der Tiefe der Seele. (SIDELINE 6/06)

Bewitched Revelations is the first album I am aware of from the American trio of Martin Birke, Roman Leykam*, and Daniel Pana­senko. It featur­es thir­teen in­stru­men­tals, mostly improvs, re­cor­ded over a num­ber of years. Highly pro­grammed, there are lots of loops and se­quen­ces as well as pro­grammed per­cuss­ion, with the odd un­treat­ed guitar and bass parts here and there. Samples and MIDI in­stru­men­ta­tion fur­ther enrich the sonic pa­lette they have to work with. Deep­ly rhyth­mic and groovy, I was even re­min­ded of West Afri­can per­cuss­ion sounds at times. There is much in common with elec­tro­ni­ca and sonic mani­pu­la­tors in a num­ber of "gen­res" we cover. "Take the Plunge", with its am­bient guitar tex­tures, se­quen­ces, and re­pe­ti­ti­ve drone, feels like a cross be­tween the work of Klaus Schulze and Zoviet France. This am­bient quali­ty per­vades the disc, and it should serve equally well for active listen­ing and back­ground ac­ti­vi­ty. It's more my type of am­bient music, some­thing pulsat­ing and less static, so take my bias­es for what they are. If you like such "ac­tive am­bient" mu­sic, or "chill-out elec­tro­ni­ca", or some other appro­pria­te oxy­mor­on, Be­witch­ed Re­ve­la­tions should be on your shopp­ing list. (Sean McFee at 3/07); * Roman Leykam: born and living in Germany (remark F.Mark);