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Birke | Leykam | Panasenko
»Bewitched Revelations«
Feb 2006 · 13 Tracks · 58:04 Min.

CD FMA 0615
UPC 684461006155

Originated from the magic of the moment: »BEWITCHED REVELATIONS« presents the follower of the album »Act on Impulse« released in 2002. The german/american collaboration of the genre 'ambient industrial sound-sculptures' is best suitable for fascinating subtile sound trips apart the hecticness of everyday life.

1.floating (5.54), 2.the harbor (14.51), 3.waste land (9.22), 4.sirrah (7.30), 5.drifting ice (6.51), 6.shallows (10.55);

Recorded and mixed between 1999-2004 in the studio of Mark, Birke, Leykam and Panasenko
Pre-Mastered in the studio of Frank Mark, assisted by Roman Leykam and also
Pre-Mastered in the studio of Martin Birke in-Code Music by Martin Birke
Final Mastering in the studio of Jakob Frankensen by Jakob Frankensen, assisted by Roman Leykam
Photos by Roman Leykam
Portrait-Photo of Daniel Panasenko by Dan Hilbert
Artworks by Frank Mark and Roman Leykam.
Produced and performed by Roman Leykam, Martin Birke, Frank Mark and Daniel Panasenko

Martin Birke (electronic perc, drum programming and sequencing, keyb, synths, thwackoleum*)
Roman Leykam (guitars, guit synths, guit treatments)
Daniel Panasenko (hand drums, guit, loops, ashbory bass, chapman stick, thwackoleum*)
Frank Mark (midi trumpet, voice samples, radio voices)
*thwackoleum: self made instrument

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-   Roman Leykam im Musikmagazin InMusic

... ein Meisterwerk in Sachen ambienter Soundscapes mit hypnotischer Sogwirkung. (INMUSIC 6/06)

... ein abgedrehter Trip ins Ungewisse. (GITARRE&BASS 4/06)

... ein prächtiges düsteres Nachtschattengewächs, probenfrei entstanden aus den Improvisationen der Soundtüftler. (ZEITGEIST 6/06)

... für Risiken und Nebenwirkungen fragen Sie bitte Ihren Neurochirurgen. (KEYS 5/06)

... es zollt den Intuitionen von Fripp, Eno und Laswell Anerkennung in ihrer kreativen Studioarbeit. (CHAINDLK.COM 5/06)

... für den audiophilen Gourmet, der das Besondere liebt. (MUSIKANSICH.DE 4/06)

... Musik aus der Tiefe der Seele. (SIDELINE 6/06)

Bewitched Revelations is the first album I am aware of from the American trio of Martin Birke, Roman Leykam*, and Daniel Panasenko. It features thirteen instrumentals, mostly improvs, recorded over a number of years. Highly programmed, there are lots of loops and sequences as well as programmed percussion, with the odd untreated guitar and bass parts here and there. Samples and MIDI instrumentation further enrich the sonic palette they have to work with. Deeply rhythmic and groovy, I was even reminded of West African percussion sounds at times. There is much in common with electronica and sonic manipulators in a number of "genres" we cover. "Take the Plunge", with its ambient guitar textures, sequences, and repetitive drone, feels like a cross between the work of Klaus Schulze and Zoviet France. This ambient quality pervades the disc, and it should serve equally well for active listening and background activity. It's more my type of ambient music, something pulsating and less static, so take my biases for what they are. If you like such "active ambient" music, or "chill-out electronica", or some other appropriate oxymoron, Bewitched Revelations should be on your shopping list. (Sean McFee at 3/07); * Roman Leykam: born and living in Germany (remark F.Mark);