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Roman Leykam
Jan 2019 · 15 Tracks · 68:32 Min.

CD FMA 1838
UPC 191924055143

The album ALCHEMY by Roman Leykam impresses with archaic-futuristic sound images, timeless and mystical. A subtle musical balancing act with an evocative intensity.

1 Powerhouse 4:59, 2 The Sixth Sense 4:33, 3 New Insights 6:00, 4 Myth of the Inexplicable 5:12, 5 Sealed 5:00, 6 Transformation 4:28, 7 Milleannial Tree 4:39, 8 The Seer 3:52, 9 The Uncertain One 3:39, 10 Abyss 4:44, 11 The Relic 4:49, 12 The Noise of Falling Leaves in Autumn 3:29, 13 Flood of Colours 4:39, 14 Internal Scenaries 3:42, 15 Geyser 3:55;

Recorded and mixed in 2015 in the studio of Roman Leykam.
Mastered 2018 in the studio of Frank Meyer.
Produced and performed by Roman Leykam.
Artworks by Frank Meyer and Roman Leykam.
Photos by Roman Leykam.
4-panel DigiPak with 8-pages booklet;

Roman Leykam: e-guit, guit synths, e-bow guit, voice samples;

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Guitar alchemist Roman presents in about 69 minutes furthermore his hypnotic mystic spherical, archaic meditative spiritual sound, which remains ambient, associative, experimental but also structured, sometimes dark, sometimes optimistic bright ...
Doppelpunkt / Jürgen Parr - Doppelpunkt/magazine for culture in Nürnberg - Fürth - Erlangen (Germany) / 3/2019.

The music by Roman Leykam at his album "Alchemy" is difficult to feel out. It's close to avantgarde with distinct experimental character. Often odd sounds and breaks are interwoven with the tracks ... / Stephan Schelle 3/2019.