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Roman Leykam
Aug 2016 · 15 Tracks · 78:24 Min.

CD FMA 1627
UPC 190394073695

With his album »Impressions« Roman Leykam tries repeatedly to explore the acoustic spectrum of the guitar – improvised real-time music with a glimmering and captivating atmosphere. A sonic meditation aiming at the creation of manifold moods.

1.Invocation 6:15, 2.The renunciation 4:45, 3.Essence 6:01, 4.Unsaid 4:20, 5.The leisure 3:41, 6.Deep-down 6:37, 7.Abandoned 3:55, 8.Point of no return 5:44, 9.Scenic 5:56, 10.Vision 5:48, 11.Pleasant anticipation 4:06, 12.Parallel existence 3:58, 13.Weathered 4:13, 14.The Roof of the World 6:29, 15.Mealstrom 6:15;

Recorded and mixed 2013/2014 in the studio of Roman Leykam.
Mastered 2015 in the studio of Frank Meyer.
CD/Mediabook with a 48-pages booklet.

Roman Leykam: electric guitars, guitar synths, guitar treatments.

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... the label attached an internal booklet of beautiful snapshots ...

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(portraying natural landscapes or magnified details of plants, flowers, stones, ponds, lakes and so on) to its elegant digipak. You would quickly notice that Leykam's minimal textures of effected guitar, synth guitars and the amazing sounds he squeezed from his equipment (often looking like some other instruments such as a kind of hybrid between a brass and a cello in "Vision", the flute-like whispers in "The Leisure" or "Essence", a sort of alien dulcimer in "Weathered", the metallophone-like hits in "Abandoned" or the bizarre slapped glittering on tracks like "Pleasant Anticipation" or "Point of No Return") are somehow consonant with the pictures of the booklet. If you're searching for some new music for meditations, "Impressions" may be a guessed choice.
(CHAIN D.L.K. Mar 2017)

... There’s an interesting harmony between the visual character and the music of Roman Leykam. ... I like the wafting sensation from this work while I also have to mention the great artwork and especially the booklet. ... You have to be familiar with the work of Roman Leykam and the sound of Frank Mark Arts, which remains minimal and will appeal to a restricted number of people. ... Music can be the right format for meditation and if you’re in search of a new and different experience in the genre, I can only, but recommend Roman Leykam. Rate: (6) by Inferno Sound Diaries Jan 15,2017. (SIDE-LINE music magazine Jan 2017)

Roman Leykam is guitarist and in particular a sound painter. His approach at Impressions often is less accommodating compared to Lanois, but more complex, mysterious, exciting. The CD is presented in a noble DigiPak with more than 40 pages of a photo booklet. Excellent work in every sense. (hr Gitarre & Bass - Das Musiker-Fachmagazin 10/2016)

Extraordinary presentation in super-digi with photo booklet and relative minimalistic audio contents: Improvised music which evokes different moods. Effective guitars, panpipes, delay... has a bit of meditation. (JK Sonic Seducer 10/2016)

With a noble presented Book-CD the new release of guitar synth expert Roman Leykam appears. ... oscillating wafting meditative and atmospheric soundscapes and sculptures, which are good for relaxing. At the track "The Renunciation" it goes a little in an asian direction. The ideal music for relaxing or only for intensive listening. (Rainer Guérich inMusic - Nr.94 9-10/2016)

... the booklet is a surprise - more than 40 pages colour pictures with beautiful impressions which blend into the 15 titles like "Essence" - "The leisure" - "Scenic" - "Vision" - "Mealstrom" amongst others. A CD with a peculiar soundscape - timeless and full of surprises at the improvisations. ... /Joachim Holzt-Edelhagen (digitale Jazz-Zeitung 9/2016)

OK, this sound could be called "esoteric" and it's not experimental in the obvious way. Best we name it "ethnic ambient" made with different synths and processed electric guitars. The booklet with it's fine fotos indisputable is art. club|debil - Dresden Industrial Underground Collective 8/2016.