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Sandbox Trio
»Idiophone/Orcus Drawl«
Jan 1998 · 14 Tracks · 56:23 Min.

CD FMA 9708
UPC 684461097085

Panasenko, Ehlis and Birke with impressive improvisations, where rhythmical sequences, selfmade instruments and synths create an ambient sound, partly with a touch of free jazz. Very creative, far away from the mainstream. Idiophone and Orcus Drawl, two albums from 1993/94 are combined here in a single CD-compilation.

1.Paleolithic 2:12, 2.Stretching the Skin 3:49, 3.Monster part1 2:11, 4.Monster part2 3:39, 5.Ulan Bator 3:39, 6.Instinct 2:27, 7.City Rising 4:40, 8.Idiophone 3:50, 9.Scavenger 3:45, 10.Elephant Men 4:31, 11.Subterraneans 4:41, 12.Orcus Drawl 2:45, 13.Predators 4:06, 14.Lesser Machines 9:59;

Produced and performed by Sandbox Trio.
Recorded by Christian Heilman at Blue Degrees Digital.
Tracks 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 13 originally released at Idiophone.
All other tracks originally released at Orcus Drawl.
Idiophone sessions 14/15 Feb 1994.
Orcus Drawl recorded live to DAT 14/15 Feb 1993.
Booklet artworks, design, layout by Chuck Ehlis.

Daniel Panasenko: perc, PVC sax, midi string instrument.
Chuck Ehlis: lap steel guit, loops, tapes, homemade instruments.
Martin Birke: Octapad, keyboard, hand drums.

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... the californian band is on its way between ambient, post-rock and jazz. Surprising good CD. (ZITTY Berlin 7/98)

... Sandbox Trio show their aptitude to combine rhythmic elements and self-willed ambient sounds in improvisations. (SONIC SEDUCER 3/98)

... beautiful sounds merge into one another and create something like song-fragments or takings of meditative moments, without the lack of rhythms. It grips. (INTRO 7/98)

... free-jazz, ethno, ambient, ritual or meditative temple music, all is amalgamated into an unusual mixture, which in spite of the great variety seems very organic and minimalistic pure ... sound-collages are well-structured and well-matched harmonious. (EQUINOXE 8/98)

... demands a lot of concentration of the audience, if they want to get closer successful to the essence of the demanding sound-sculptures ... all in all a musical experience, which indeed is not mainstream. (WAHRSCHAUER 7/98)

Live in Bochum · 1998

VIDEO streaming · ogv theora format

Live in Berlin · 1998

VIDEO streaming · ogv theora format

VIDEO Live in Bochum

VIDEO Live in Berlin