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Roman Leykam | Frank Mark
»Ghost/Way of Thinking«
Feb 1990 · 11 Tracks · 61:39 Min.

CD FMA 9001

The debut album by Roman Leykam and Frank Mark with recordings from 1989. Wide soundscapes, dominated by the e-guitar of Leykam shape this instrumental album. Both musicians create a mood moving between positive and pensive moments.

1.The Certitude of Calmness 4:03, 2.Inside and Outside of Doors 4:52, 3.Inspired with Yearning 8:30, 4.Chill 2:30, 5.Devils in Heaven 2:44, 6.Standing Wind 6:10, 7.Get to the Core 4:48, 8.Beyond the Point 3:45, 9.Transitoriness of Origin 5:49, 10.Retired Symbols 4:20, 11.Brighten 8:49, 12.Cries in Changing Borders 2:32;

Recorded and mixed in June 1989 by Ulrich Eisner at Sky Studio Taufkirchen/Munich/Germany.
Produced by Frank Mark and Roman Leykam.

Roman Leykam: electric guitars, guitar synths, guitar treatments.
Frank Mark: synths, piano.

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... spherical soft flowing sound sculptures reveal a balanced peaceful and positive energy. (DOPPELPUNKT 4/90)

... guitar, synthesizer and piano form transparent textures with expressive depth, structured in compositions. (PLÄRRER 5/90)

... Leykam/Mark have perfected the art of conjuring up excellent associative soundscapes and spinning meditative spherical veils on this instrumental album. (TIP 8/90)

... enormous power of imagination. Phenomenal sounds they conjure up on their instruments. Yet one does not get the impression that sound is used only because of its originality. Everything seems to be interwoven and - in the literal sense - full of harmony. (WOM-JOURNAL 10/90)

... an extremely mature work of instrumental music. (FACHBLATT MUSIKMAGAZIN 11/90)

... it's an haute cuisine menu that has been prepared with much love and understanding. True gourmets can let it melt in their sensitive ears. (KEYBOARDS 1/91)


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1. The One Constant Factor

Roman Leykam: electric guitar

2. Anchor

Roman Leykam: electric guitar
Frank Mark: synths

3. Balance

Frank Mark: synths, synth-piano

4. December Fragments

Roman Leykam: electric guitar

5. Sow

Roman Leykam: electric guitar

6. Where the Wideness chokes the Distance

Roman Leykam: electric guitar
Frank Mark: synths

7. The Sustained Awakening

Roman Leykam: electric guitar
Frank Mark: synths

8. Clouds under Parasols

Roman Leykam: electric guitar
Frank Mark: synths

9. Foundations of Mentality

Roman Leykam: electric guitar

10. Melting Sky

Roman Leykam: electric guitar

11. When all is said and done

Frank Mark: synths, synth-piano