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Roman Leykam
»The Eternal Cycle«
Dec 2016 · 18 Tracks · 76:28 Min.

CD FMA 1629
UPC 190394322793

Roman Leykam in best practice: a single midi e-guitar connected with his electronic rack. Result is a wonderful world of minimal soundscapes mostly dreamy relaxing, sometimes confusing bizarre. Percussive unconventional tracks in turn with meditative dreams, a successful advancement of his solo collection.

1.breathing pictures 7:50, 2.suppressing all memories 3:44, 3.reality and truth 4:08, 4.runes 3:40, 5.second sight 4:06, 6.constriction 3:37, 7.prudent step 2:57, 8.curiosities 2:42, 9.labyrinth 6:10, 10.prophecy 4:38, 11.nocturnal 4:26, 12.fragile dream 4:12, 13.switch 3:36, 14.lightness 3:33, 15.sign language 5:04, 16.irrepressible urge 4:44, 17.unsolved 3:08, crater sceneries 3:37;

Recorded and mixed 2014 in the studio of Roman Leykam.
Mastered 2016 in the studio of Frank Meyer.
6-sided DigiPak.

Roman Leykam: electric guitars, guitar synths, guitar treatments.

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... The composition is driven by a constant experimental fluid, which rapidly becomes pretty abstract. The creation and manipulation of sounds and noises clearly appears more important than the composition of a real ‘traditional’ song format ...

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"The Eternal Cycle" sounds sometimes dark, but also atmospheric and cinematographic. I also noticed a few cuts driven by a slow cadence.
+ + + : The opening cut of this work sounds pretty refreshing and even a bit more accessible. It’s the kind of sound direction I prefer, but which remains rather an exception in the work of this musician. Roman Leykam is not composing songs, but he rather appears to be a sound architect. Some of his cuts became more accessible and I can imagine his work to be used as soundtrack. He definitely remains a master in abstract- and experimental music.
– – – : The work of this artist clearly appeals for a very restricted audience. It’s not that accessible and the heavy experimental side sometimes is hard to endure. “The Eternal Cycle” sometimes sounds as an antidote to established music standards.
Conclusion: “The Eternal Cycle” is the offspring between multiple genres, but the basis of the work clearly remains the further exploration of new noises created by guitars and guitar synthesizers.
Best songs: "Breathing Pictures", "Switch", "Second Sight", "Lightness". Rate: (7).
(SIDE-LINE music magazine 5/2017)

... An album for relaxing after a stressful day ... digitale Jazz-Zeitung 3/2017

... a bit strange music made from electric guitar and synths. Somewhere between Electronica, Jazz and World music. Not bad, but it’s stressing me and I miss a bit the flow. club|debil - Dresden Industrial Underground Collective 1/2017.

presented by the team. Valuation 5/8 ... ( 12/16)