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Roman Leykam | Frank Mark
»Experience Space«
Mar 2017 · 15 Tracks · 65:26 Min.

CD FMA 1630
UPC 190394322953

The album »Experience Space« by Roman Leykam and Frank Mark offers soundscapish tracks with a special musical aura: multifaceted, charming and introspective melancholic.

1.tumult of the senses 3:37, 2.obscure scenery 5:32, 3.night flight 3:59, 4.the formulation of the nothing 4:56, 5.vibration of the soul 4:10, 6.aberration 3:41, 7.methods of noise 3:24, 8.indelible memory 5:16, 9.telepathic 3:56, 10.signs of the being 3:31, 11.wistfulness 3:18, 12.sources of friction 4:08, 13.the separation of bright and shade 4:16, sorrow and disappointment 4:59, 15.roots 5:13;

Recorded and mixed in 2014/15 in the studio of Roman Leykam and Frank Mark.
Pre-mastered 2015 in the studio of Frank Mark.
Final mastering 2016 in the studio of Frank Meyer.
Produced and performed by Roman Leykam and Frank Mark.
Photos by Roman Leykam, Artworks by Frank Meyer and Roman Leykam.
6-sided DigiPak, 8-pages booklet.

Roman Leykam: e-guit, guit synths, guit treatments, synth perc guit.
Frank Mark: synths, fretl.bass, synth piano, midi trump, sw radio, voice/speech samples.

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... This opus is a sonic travel throughout minimal and experimental-like music creations. The main aspect of the work is a kind of alternative play/use of all instruments. ... a truly sonic puzzle ...

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From electric guitar to bass to guitar synths to midi trumpet to fretless bass to shortwaves to voice samples to piano every single piece reveals an atypical and alternative way of using instruments to create noises and sonic atmospheres. From total experimentalism and a kind of improvisation to psychedelic passages, 'Experience Space' sounds like being composed in a sonic laboratory instead of a studio.

+ + + : I deeply respect this label and its artists for their perseverance and the never-ending exploration of how to create new sounds with familiar instruments. It creates a specific atmosphere filled with endless effects. Some cuts have a visual appeal and I’m especially recommending the opening cut 'Tumult Of The Senses'. There definitely is some prosperity emerging from this experimentalism. This work also features an artistic digipak format.

– – – : This kind of work will always appeal for a very restricted number of adherents. It remains pretty abstract and hard to grasp. I’m missing some real vocal parts to get the entire production maybe a bit more accessible.

Conclusion: Roman Leykam & Frank Mark sometimes make me think of a movie of David Lynch. You try to understand the plot, but in the end you’ll never seize all the details. This is a truly sonic puzzle.

Best songs: 'Tumult Of The Senses', 'Sources Of Friction', 'Roots'.
(Industrial electro music magazine SIDE-LINE resp. Inferno Sound Diaries 7/2017)

At "experience space" the experienced guitarist and creative sound-explorer Roman Leykam and his long-standing companion Frank Mark again make a journey at all imaginable paths between trance, ambient, meditation and avantgarde. (Doppelpunkt / Jürgen Parr - Doppelpunkt/Magazin für Kultur in Nürnberg - Fürth - Erlangen / Apr 2017)

... it causes me problems. I won't damn this work, because the two musicians know what they do, but I don't "get warm" with this complicated, jazzy hand craft work. I can't see a red line and it doesn't touch me at all. But the artwork is fine! club|debil - Dresden Industrial Underground Collective 4/2017.